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Promotional Aluminium Drink Bottles for Year-Round Advertising

With the multitude of promotional items available in the market, choosing the best product to boost brand awareness or promote brand loyalty can be confusing. You also have to consider important factors such as budget, usefulness, value and how appealing it is to your target market. For the perfect blend of usefulness and effectiveness, you can't go wrong with personalized aluminium water bottles

Whether for the gym, on the road, hiking, travelling and everyday use, promotional water bottles are always a huge hit. Customers are likely to keep them for months ensuring maximum returns on your investment. To kick-start your advertising, here are some our popular custom aluminium drink bottles. 

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Affordable, Customisable and BPA-Free Aluminium Drink Bottles

Low Cost Aluminium Sports Flask

Low Cost Aluminium Sports Flask
Product Code: TRGB709C

Launching a marketing plan on a tight budget? 

This Low Cost Aluminium Sports Flask is perfect for your needs. Made of durable aluminium featuring a screw-in stopper and a pop top lid, this budget-friendly promotional item will give your brand a boost without breaking the budget. This Low Cost Aluminium Sports Flask is available in 500ml capacity, which is handy and adequate for keeping customers hydrated while out exercising, hiking or travelling.

Add your logo on this Low Cost Aluminium Sports Flask and promote your brand on the go. One colour printing is available for decoration. Order this item in bulk to save even more money.

Choose from a variety of attractive colours: Silver, Black, Red, White, Blue, Apple Green, Pink and Copper.

One (1) Colour Print

Qty Price
100 $6.17
250 $5.39
500 $4.70
1000 $4.13

Aluminium Drink Bottle - 600ml

Aluminium Drink Bottle - 600ml
Product Code: NRA4193

Get your target market to drink up your promotional message with this imprinted Aluminium Drink Bottle. 

Available in sleek and classic colours, this promotional drinkware is a sure hit for sporting events and other outdoor promotions. Just make sure your logo is visibly pad printed in place for maximum impact. Wrap printing is also available for decoration.

This Aluminium Drink Bottle is not only low cost but also BPA-free and lightweight with a generous 600 ml capacity. But what makes it special is the powder coated aluminium body for long lasting durability.

One (1) Colour Print

Qty Price
100 $10.79
250 $8.62
500 $7.28
1000 $6.82
2500 $6.14

Triathlon Aluminium Water Bottle

Triathlon Aluminium Water Bottle
Product Code: TPCR60

Want your brand to travel places and win the promotional race? Reusable and customisable drink bottles like this Triathlon Aluminium Water Bottle is an excellent addition to your promotional stash.

This large capacity drink bottle features a solid aluminium construction designed to withstand and weather everyday use. Also featured is a self-sealing drinking spout so it's easier to hydrated on the go. There's also a carabiner clip and a separate hiking lid for the ultimate portability.

If you want a more appealing presentation, this promotional item offers an optional insulated bottle pouch. And for decoration, pad printing and screen printing are compatible options.

One (1) Colour Print

Qty Price
100 $7.23
250 $6.29
500 $5.82
1000 $5.27
2500 $4.49

Aluminium Sports Bottle - 500ml

Whether your customers are out running, hiking or off to the gym, this imprinted Aluminium Sports Bottle - 500ml is ready to impress and leave a lasting brand impression. Not only is this promotional drinkware impressively durable but it's also incredibly lightweight. Now your customers can carry your brand everywhere without any trouble.

This Aluminium Sports Bottle - 500ml also features a sports lid to prevent spills and a traditional carabiner lid for added portability. Just attach to your hiking bag or belt loop and you're ready to go. This promotional water bottle is also BPA-free so safe to use day after day.

Choose from a selection of sleek and attractive colours including red, blue, apple green and more. Complement the shiny aluminium body with a fancy laser engraving of your logo for added class and style.

Active Aluminium Bottle

Looking for the perfect gift for people who love to run or workout? This custom printed Active Aluminium Bottle will keep them hydrated while showing off your logo to draw more customers.

Featuring a durable aluminium body, this promotional drinkware isn't only sleek and stylish but also durable enough for rugged and everyday use. Added features include a carabiner for added portability and an adequate 600ml capacity. Choose from three colours and get this Active Aluminium Bottle laser engraved with your logo for maximum impact.

Alternative print options are available, contact us for more info.

Full Colour Printed 750ml Aluminium Sports Flask

Get your artwork and imprinted logo on full display for more prospective customers to see with this Full Colour Printed 750ml Aluminium Sports Flask. Perfect for outdoor and sporting events, this large capacity drink bottle is ultra convenient to carry everywhere. It comes with a carabiner attachment you can hook onto your backpack or belt loop for the ultimate convenience.

This Full Colour Printed 750ml Aluminium Sports Flask offers two styles of lids. Just choose between a screw-in stopper and pop-top lid to meet your advertising needs. Available for a full colour decoration, this promotional aluminium sports bottle is bound to easily stand out from the competition.

Gemstone 750ml Aluminum Sports Bottle

Sporty and sleek style mesh on this imprinted Gemstone 750 ml Aluminum Sports Bottle. Designed to impress, this high capacity sports bottle features a single wall aluminium body construction with twist-on lid and a classy matte finish completing the look. Added features include a ridge body for better grip and a large 750 ml capacity. Whether you're running, hiking or enjoying the outdoors, this aluminium water bottle is easy to hold onto.

This Gemstone 750ml Aluminum Sports Bottle is BPA-free, recyclable and customisable. For decoration, one colour printing is available. Multi-colour logo imprint is also available if preferred.

Nassau 750ml Aluminum Sports Bottle

Obey your customers' thirst while showing off your brand with this personalised Nassau 750ml Aluminum Sports Bottle. A must-have for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, this promotional drinkware features a durable aluminium construction with single wall and twist on lid. Also featured is a rubberized grip so it's easier to hold onto when you're out running or hiking.

Available in a generous 750ml capacity, this Aluminum Sports Bottle makes a great gift for your next sporting event. Make sure your logo is beautifully colour printed in place for maximum visibility everywhere.

Looking for other options? We have more drink bottles available including laser engraved stainless steel drink bottles, plastic sports bottles and more.

Triangle Water Bottle

Improve your promotional game with this custom printed Triangle Water Bottle. Designed for the long haul, this handy drink bottle will keep customers hydrated and your logo well exposed at sporting events and other outdoor promotions. Features include a durable and lightweight aluminium body with matt finish for a more sophisticated appeal.

With its unique triangle shape, your colour printed logo is sure to be a quick stand out. This Triangle Water Bottle is also available for a classy laser engraving matching the polished aluminium construction.

Sydney Aluminium Drink Bottle

Get sporty and a little glamorous with your advertising, add this Sydney Aluminium Drink Bottle. Sleek and classy, this portable aluminium sports bottle makes an impressive corporate gift idea for clients and employees.

Featuring a single wall aluminium construction, this promotional drink bottle is not only durable but also lighter than glass bottles so easier to carry everywhere. A convenient flip-top lid completes the smart design so staying hydrated when you're out for a run or travelling is easier than ever.

For decoration, this Sydney Aluminium Drink Bottle is compatible with screen printing, pad printing or laser engraving.

Trek 600ml Aluminium Sports Drink Bottle

It's easier to beat the competition and reach the promotional top with this custom printed Trek 600ml Aluminium Sports Drink Bottle.

There are a number of things to love about this promotional item. For one, this handy drink bottle features a durable aluminium body with plastic cap. Another plus is the adequate 600 ml capacity keeping you hydrated while out running or hiking. Your customers will also love how incredibly lightweight this product is.

There are also a selection of eye candy colours to choose from ready for a fancy laser engraved decoration or wrap printing for more creative artworks.

Aland Aluminium Drink Bottle

Let your imprinted logo shine and draw more attention with this custom printed Aland Aluminium Drink Bottle. Available in bold and classy colours, this promotional water bottle is ready to impress and stand out from the competition.

Features include a sleek and solid aluminium construction with a clear top lid and coloured flip open holder. Perfect for everyday and travel use, this 600 ml aluminium water bottle is a cost-effective investment you can't go wrong with.

For decoration, this Aland Aluminium Drink Bottle is compatible with pad printing, laser engraving or rotary screen print.

Nitro Aluminium Bottle

Searching for a promotional giveaway your customers will love to keep and use for months and even years to come? You can't go wrong with custom printed drink bottles.

This Nitro Aluminium Bottle has all the things you want in a promotional drinkware. From a large 750 ml capacity to durable aluminium body and lightweight design, this travel-friendly drink bottle is ready to leave a lasting brand impression. Added features include a pull-up sipper for added convenience and carry loop for portability.

Get this Nitro Aluminium Bottle personalised with your logo for maximum impact. Compatible print options include pad printing, laser engraving and screen printing.

Promotional Aluminium Drink Bottles - Australia Blog

5 Promotional Sports Bottles for Effective Sports Marketing


promotional sports bottlesThere are different ways to market your brand. But one strategy that has been growing in popularity and importance over the last two decades is sports marketing. Marketing through sports with promotional sports bottles, for example, is one way to boost brand awareness, reach more customers and even build customer loyalty.

Just take your cue from all the big brands that are taking advantage of this marketing strategy. From Nike to Adidas, Slazenger and other big names, there are three ways these huge brands market their products through sports:

Event sponsorships

One of the most common and oldest strategy business use is through sponsoring promotional events. Slazenger, for example, sponsors Wimbledon events by supplying the official ball for the games. Another notable example is Adidas sponsoring FIFA including the World Cup. Adidas provided the official ball in exchange for their logo clearly displayed on the side boards along the field.

While your brand may not be as massive as Slazenger and Adidas, you can sponsor events too to market your products effectively. Local and school sports events are less expensive to sponsor for smaller businesses.

Team sponsorships

Businesses also sponsor teams. Just look at basketball, football and other popular sports. Most, if not all, teams have sponsorships from a wide array of brands. From sports-related brands like Adidas, Nike and other major apparel brands, they have a stake in sports teams because it's an effective marketing strategy with huge payoffs.

Even brands that are not completely sports-related are sponsoring teams too. From airlines to beer brands, restaurants, fast food chains and more, any business can take advantage of this marketing strategy for brand expansion.

Athlete sponsorships

Big brands dont stop with simply sponsoring teams. They also sponsor athletes paying them by the millions. Kevin Durant, for example, signed a whopping $30 million per year contract with Nike. Stephen Curry also received millions from Under Armour.

Sponsoring athletes is a pretty lucrative marketing strategy for many brands. They're willing to pay athletes millions because sponsorship is one way to effectively reach out different fan bases, where millions of potential customers belong to.

While you probably wouldn't be able to afford to sponsor an athlete at the moment, this marketing tactic is worth noting. It may come handy in later years when your business is big enough to afford to pay millions for sponsorship.

Marketing through Promotional Sports Bottles

Whether you're planning to sponsor a local event or a college sports team, there's another marketing tactic you should take advantage. For small and mid-size business, giving away promotional sports bottles are one way to reach sports fans without breaking the budget.

Here are some of the best promotional sports bottles that will work great for any sporting event:

Low-Cost Aluminium Sports Flask

low-cost-aluminium-sports-flask-500mlEnsure long-lasting brand promotion without breaking the budget with this Low-Cost Aluminium Sports Flask. Available in 500ml capacity, this promotional sports bottle is an excellent choice for sporting events and team sponsorships. It is available for a bold logo customisation for extra visibility outdoors.

Fliptop Drink Bottle

fliptop-drink-bottles-500mlDesigned with convenience in mind, this Fliptop Drink Bottle is another excellent choice for sporting events. This BPA-free drink bottle features a handy 500ml capacity with a convenient fliptop design for easy hydration on the go. Get your logo imprinted in place for a more personalised appeal.

Dumbbell Sports Bottle Fliptop

For gym events adumbbell-sports-bottle-fliptop-700mlnd other fitness-related promotions, this Dumbbell Sports Bottle Fliptop is sure to be a standout. Featuring a clever dumbbell-shaped design, this custom printed drink bottle will effectively get your message across. With a larger 700ml capacity and branding area, this promotional sports bottle makes the perfect companion for gym workouts.

Drink Bottle with Compartment

drink-bottle-with-compartmentWhen it comes to promoting your brand outdoors, you really can't wrong with promotional sports bottles like this Drink Bottle with Compartment. With its added safety compartment feature where you can keep valuables, this promotional item makes an even more effective brand-boosting giveaway. Whether for a run, gym session, travel or everyday use, your customers will simply love this giveaway.

Eco Water Bottle

eco-water-bottle-750mlHow do you win over your eco-conscious customers? Impress them with this imprinted Eco Water Bottle. Made from recyclable materials, this eco-friendly giveaway features a large 750ml capacity and a visible print area suitable for a wrap print.


To order promotional sports bottle, contact us at Vivid Promotions.

5 Cheap Personalised Drink Bottles Ideas


You've probably received a promotional drink bottle at some point in your life. If not you, then you probably know someone who received one from one of the many advertising events businesses host each year.

cheap personalised drink bottles

Compared to other promotional products, it's safe to say that personalised drink bottles are one of the most popular marketing tools for any promotional event no matter the time of the year. This is because custom printed drink bottles are not only reusable but they're very versatile and most importantly, practical.

Promotional drink bottles are available in a variety of styles, designs, colours and sizes. Classy and laser engraved stainless steel drink bottles, for example, make an ideal corporate gift idea. Bulk aluminium water bottles and reusable plastic water bottles, on one hand, are perfect for outdoor events. Then there are the cheap personalised drink bottles perfect for your budget-friendly promotion.

If your goal is to reach more customers on a tight budget, here are 6 cheap personalised drink bottles ideas you should check out:

500ml Drink Bottle Flip Top

500ml-drink-bottle-flip-topHosting a school event or kid's event? This 500ml Drink Bottle Flip Top is a cheap investment that will go a long way. This handy drink bottle is made of BPA-free plastic available in 500ml capacity. It's not too small or too large. Which means handier to carry everywhere. Kids will love the bold and solid colours, which you can decorate with your logo via one colour print.

450ml Folding Bottle

cheap-promotional-folding-bottle-450mlFor high volume promotions such as concerts, sporting events and other outdoor campaigns, this 450ml Folding Bottle is cheap, foldable and lightweight. The promotional folding water pouch comes with a carabiner so it's even more convenient to carry everywhere. Just attach to a belt loop or bags. Now your customers will never go thirsty while enjoying the outdoors. This promotional item will look great with a one colour print decoration.

750ml Bio Bullet Sports Bottle

bio-bullet-sports-bottle-750mlMade from food-grade materials, this 750ml Bio Bullet Sports Bottle offers the perfect backdrop for your eco-friendly message. BPA-free and 100% Australian made, this durable and reusable custom printed plastic sports bottle makes an excellent gym, outdoor or travel companion. Present this item with your logo prominently displayed via one colour print for maximum impact.

325ml Fliptop Drink Bottle

cheap-personalised-drink-bottlesCustom plastic water bottles like this 325ml Fliptop Drink Bottle are great for product launches, trade shows or sponsorships. With its reusable, lightweight design, this personalised BPA-free plastic water bottle will get your brand on your target market's hands without breaking the budget. Choose from four classic colours and have them boldly imprinted with your logo for a more personalised look.

Aluminium Water Bottle 500ml With Carabiner

aluminium-water-bottle-500ml-with-carabinerIf you want a combo of style and price, personalized aluminium water bottles like this Aluminium Water Bottle 500ml With Carabiner is highly recommended. Available in a range sleek and trendy colours, this promotional drinkware looks high-end without breaking the budget. Complete with a carabiner, it's exactly the drink bottle your customers will love to carry on hikes and other outdoor adventures.

Ready to invest in cheap personalised drink bottles?

If you're ready to expand your business' reach with personalised drink bottles, Vivid Promotions has a huge selection to offer. If you still need help choosing the right promotional drinkware, here's a guide on how to choose a personalised drink bottle for your advertising.

Custom Printed Water Bottles are Perfect for These Promotional Events


personalised drink bottlesIn today's highly competitive market, you need smart marketing strategies to get ahead. One of the most effective ways to reach more customers and build brand loyalty is through promotional giveaways your customers can use for a long time.

There are plenty of promotional products to choose from. But if you're looking for a cost-effective giveaway, you can't go wrong with custom printed water bottles.There is a wide range of styles, colours and designs to choose from including cheap custom printed water bottles to high-quality stainless steel drink bottles.

Promotional drinkware is perfect for a wide variety of promotional events too. Here are 15 advertising events where custom printed water bottles make an ideal giveaway:

Sporting Events

Custom printed drink bottles are especially ideal for sporting events and tournaments. Whether you're targeting the athletes or the sports fans, custom printed sports water bottle will keep them hydrated while showing off your brand right where it's easy to see.

custom printed water bottlesAt Vivid Promotions, we offer a wide selection of custom printed sports bottles and water bottles. This Coloured Twister Sports Bottle is a popular choice for sporting events. It is available in 11 trendy colours with a generous 800ml capacity and a large print area for maximum brand visibility.

Trade Shows

companion-drink-bottleCustom promotional water bottles are also a great way to reach more customers at tradeshows. You wouldn't even need to spend a fortune to offer potential customers a personalised giveaway they can take home.

You can opt for a custom printed aluminium drink bottle like this Companion Drink Bottle. Long after your event is over, this 755ml drink bottle continues to make brand impressions.

Outdoor Events

the-kimbara-tritan-water-bottleWhether you're hosting a beach event, picnic or any other outdoor event, it's important to keep your target audience hydrated. This personalised Kimbara Tritan Water Bottle will get the job done at a cost you can afford.

With 680 ml capacity, this promotional bottled water will obey their thirst and show off your brand at the same time. Your logo and message can be pad printed on each bottle for maximum impact.

Corporate Events

s-s-1-litre-flask-and-2-mug-setCorporate events including company meetings or award ceremonies can also use some custom personalized water bottles. If you want to reward high-performing staff, for example, this S S 1 Litre Flask And 2 Mug Set makes an irresistible incentive. This gift set includes a 1-litre vacuum flask with 2 300ml double wall mugs. All items are made of high-quality stainless steel, which you have beautifully laser engraved with your logo.

School Events

750ml-drink-bottle-screw-topIf you want to reach students and win them over to your brand, custom printed water bottles work like a charm. From pep rallies to educational trips, football games, school orientations and other school promotions, your brand will be able to make a more memorable brand impression with a promotional giveaway.

Cheap and customisable, this BPA-free 750ml Drink Bottle Screw Top makes an excellent giveaway. Choose from an array of great colours and have your logo imprinted on the body or collar for maximum impact.

Charity Runs

cabo-600ml-water-bag-with-carabinerIf your company regularly gets involved in charity runs, custom printed water bottles are a great way to ensure participants stay hydrated and your brand is well exposed. This Cabo 600ml Water Bag with Carabiner is recommended for your next 5K fun run event. Complete with a carabiner, this 600ml water bag is super handy to carry. It is also available for a bold pad printing decoration for maximum visibility.

Eco-friendly Campaigns

natural-triathlon-sports-drink-bottleHosting an eco-friendly campaign? Nothing makes a more suitable promotional giveaway than custom printed reusable water bottles. BPA-free and eco-friendly, this Natural Triathlon Sports Drink Bottle is made of 100% food-grade material. When pad printed with your eco-friendly message, this promotional drinkware is bound to be a sure hit.

Healthy Lifestyle Campaign

sahara-aluminium-sports-bottleIf your company wants to promote a healthy lifestyle, promotional water bottles are a great way to encourage customers to drink plenty of water while making sure your logo stands out. Custom printed aluminium water bottles like this Sahara Aluminium Sports Bottle are great for working out, hiking and travel. This item comes with carabiner and nylon strap for easy transport. For decoration, pad printing or wrap printing is available.

Holiday Campaigns

flavours-water-bottleCustom printed water bottles are so versatile that they're even perfect for holiday campaigns. This Flavours Water Bottle, for example, make a thoughtful gift for your health-conscious customers. Not your typical water bottles, this one features a unique design that includes a fruit holder. Making flavoured water and promoting your brand during the holidays will never be easier.


How do you make sure you can reach as many potential customers during a concert?

the-sorento-water-pouchOffer them plastic custom water bottles personalized with your printed logo. Because concert-goers are likely to get thirsty at some point, promotional water bottles are a great way to put your brand right in their hands.

If you have a limited budget, this Sorento Water Pouch is a cheaper but still effective giveaway than regular plastic or aluminium drink bottles. This handy water pouch is BPA-free, collapsible and comes with an attached carabiner.

Avail the Best Custom Printed Water Bottles

Custom printed water bottles are affordable, effective and versatile marketing tools suitable for a variety of promotional events.

Whether youre planning a massive tradeshow event or a small eco-friendly campaign, Vivid Promotions offers the best custom printed water bottles. Check out our huge promotional drinkware collection right here.

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Keep your company's logo in the hands of the public has never been easier than with the aid of a Promotional Drink Bottle.  Vivid Promotions has a large range of printed plastic drink bottles and decorated metal drink bottles perfect for sporting teams, promoting your school, corporate events and custom printed promotional merchandise. With printing available over the majority of the bottle, a custom decorated drink bottle is the best way to maximize your corporate image's exposure.

Promotional merchandise have never been as colour co-ordinated as the customized plastic water bottle. Available in a large range of colours such as the Green drink bottle, Red plastic drink bottle or Blue drink bottle.  For that added extra, the 750ml Flip Top Drink Bottle allows you to choose a separate lid colour. The corporate merchandise plastic drink bottle is available in a large range of sizes to suit all events and fluid requirements.  Perfect for schools, briefcases and handbags, the Baby BoA 400ml Basic Range drink bottles or the 325ml Fliptop Drink Bottles are made from food grade plastic in a range of corporate friendly colours. The decorated X-Stream Drink bottle is a useful 600ml promotional drink bottle. With its unique hands-free design, this corporate merchandise product is spill and leak free and is available in 96 mix-n-match colour combinations. For a streamline 600ml drink bottle, the printed contour sports bottle comes with a sleek, slim design, easy flow sipper and pop-off lid.

The promotional metal drink bottle is the ideal promotional item for the adventurous. Made from sturdy aluminium or stainless steel, your printed metal drink bottle will withstand a lifetime of use. Available in a large range of designs, your promotional merchandise metal drink bottle will be complete with the addition of a carabiner. New to the Vivid Promotional Metal Drink Bottles collection is the printed Aluminium Sports Flask 500ml and the decorated Outdoor Range Rock 500ml drink bottle. Made from BPA free Aluminium, these colourful metal drink bottles come in a large range of bright colours perfect for printed promotional merchandise. Your company logo will standout with the engraved 750ml Stainless Steel Drink Bottle. Sleek in design, this custom printed water bottle is made from Stainless Steel with the lid free from PBA. For a promotional aluminium sports bottle, the Adventurer aluminium water bottle is perfect for hiking, outdoor sports or clipping onto a bike. The customized Aluminium water bottle comes in great corporate colours such as a decorated blue metal bottle, printed red aluminium water bottle or the laser engrave silver metal drink bottle. 

For your next corporate promotional giveaway, the promotional bottle is the perfect promotional item to customise to match your company logo. With a variety of colours to choose from and a large range of styles and sizes available at your fingertips, the only thing left to decide is whether to decorate a plastic drink bottle or a metal water bottle. Either way, your company logo will be branded onto a promotional merchandise item with a long life ensuring your company image stays in the hands of the public. Whether your organizing a sporting team promotional product, school merchandise products or promoting your company to the general public, you are sure to find the perfect promotional product to suit your needs in the Vivid Promotions Plastic Drink Bottle and Metal Drink Bottle ranges.